Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My New Reality

Today I found out that not only will I be in Denver next Monday and Tuesday, but I will be in Northern California the next Monday and Tuesday.  Of course this is tonight after I just got back from being in the Beverly Hills / Los Angeles area for Monday and Tuesday. SO, I figure I'll block out Monday and Tuesday for travel.  The reality is that I'll probably only have to miss both days twice a month as this month has been very unusual.  What does this mean?

Actually I think this means I'll have much more consistent and better training.  I'll vault/run on Thursday, lift legs hard Friday, go the gym to do secondary exercises and bars, as well as run stadium ramps on Saturday, and lift the big upper lifts in the garage on Sunday.  So 1 X vault, 2 X run, 3 X lift, for a hard four days.  NOW - two weeks a month I will vault/run on Monday and head up to LA on Tuesday.  So on those weeks I get an extra vault/run day.

My former coach and longtime friend, Dave Johnston (DJ), used to tell me that I over train.  To me it's how I move my body forward when it's trying to slowly die backward.  That said, after 2-3 weeks of my normal type of training I have to back off because I start to feel too beat up.  It looks and feels to me like my new reality will be sustainable and something I can build off of.  I'm actually very excited for this schedule as it was so frustrating trying to figure out how to juggle missed training.  Now I have a fixed schedule.  Have a great day and thanks for your support!  Bubba

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