Thursday, November 5, 2009

Full Circle

WELL - I guess the more things change the more they stay the same. I have determined that with the exception of going to free deep squats instead of a hack squat sled, my leg lifting will stay what it was before. A few issues have caused this.

I wanted to do front squats and deadlifts - I can't. I have a calcium build up along my left triceps tendon that forms a "hook" in my X-Ray. I also have calcium deposits growing in the tendon which I could have surgically picked out like rocks from a tennis shoe, BUT, why? My sportsmed orthopod, Scott Rand, MD told me that I can do any training as long as I don't go fully extended or fully bent with my elbow. He looked at my videos and challenged me to show him where that would be important with my left elbow. When I couldn't he said that I can avoid the surgery. That was last year and it worked well. Deadlifts cause pain during hyperextension and force the "hook" to dig into my triceps - OUCH!! The support for front squats hurts too so they are out.

The next thing I really wanted to get back to is my lunge series which includes lunge jumps and bench step-ups. The last time I did these extensively I got a tendonitis on the top of my foot and this time I strained my other side of my groin. SO, following the golden rule of training, I'll drop them. Besides, I didn't have such a bad year last year. HaHa! Oh yeah, the golden rule is that if your event doesn't hurt you but your training does, you must not really need that exercise. I am at peace with these developments and will now feel fully committed to my training program and process.

Because of my changed work schedule I lifted legs this morning and will try and vault Saturday morning and then get the rest of the schedule on track on Sunday. I'm 10 weeks out from the Texas Pole Vault Round Up and Corral and 12 weeks from Reno. That's a lot of time to make some big improvements. Following my plan should assure this. Have fun! Bubba

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