Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Welcome Return to Regular Training + Thanks!

Tuesday will be four weeks since I jumped in Sydney. Though I have worked out I have not "trained". It has been a combination of ramp up and trying new things. The effect on the body and mind is more of restoration in the way of a "phase break", and physical maintenance. I look in the mirror and I don't look like I've lost too much but my body feels a little deconditioned. That said, my first full day back in the gym was like welcoming an old friend. By the end of yesterday's vaulting and today's lifting I feel a little more fit. My body is popping the muscles back into action so I don't feel quite so flabby and lethargic. I'm thrilled to be back to work. I can see how easy it is NOT to get going again for those with nothing to train for. Again I feel lucky.

Among the many challenges of competing at our age is to constantly expand our view of what we should be doing while making sure that we are on a consistent training regimen. What I look at is this - there are sprinters my age who are much faster. What are THEY doing to get faster and what in their training can I apply to mine? There are power and Olympic lifters my age who are much stronger and more explosive. What are they doing to get better and what of that can I use? This is a constant evaluation and adjustment process.

The legendary Dan John says that everything works for 2-6 weeks. It's finding out what continues to work after that time that matters. I feel like 90% of my training is made up of components that continue to work. That said I stand ready to throw out everything one by one if I think I can have long term success with something better. But I have to be careful with that thinking. Good example - my brother, Bill, was a much better athlete and vaulter than I was but he changed his focus often. He trained long and hard but I don't think he ever stuck with one thing long enough to get real good at it before going to the next thing. He was still a 17' 4 1/2" vaulter but he could have and should have jumped much higher.

Several years ago I had a kid, Borya Celentano, who vaulted 18' 10 1/2". We got together at the end of his sophomore year of high school when he was at 13'. He spent an off season lifting with the power lifters and that year he made a huge breakthrough. The next year he spent the off season with the sprinters but lost his power on the runway. He considers that a wasted effort. He was faster but it didn't help him. So these are our challenges, besides declining overall health as we age.

Speaking of Bill and Borya, they are both currently serving us in the military in Afghanistan. Bill on the ground as a Special Forces Leader and Borya in air support as a jet pilot. Actually Borya is heading back to his home base after a long deployment. I want to thank them and every serviceman and servicewoman who is or has ever served our country. I have a tremendous respect and appreciation for them. Have a great Sunday. Bubba

PS - here is a video Borya sent me of him landing on an aircraft carrier -

ALSO - I have added a meet on 1/2/10 -

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