Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Night

I've been thinking a lot about training today, mainly because my body feels so different. Though I've made some changes and I'm just ramping back up, I presently have a couple of little limitations that are keeping me from breaking loose.

That said, I feel much stronger and faster than I did as I ramped up to Sydney. That's funny because I'm not running fast or lifting heavy, but the changes seem to compliment what I was doing before. All I can think is that I'm finally at the next level and prepared to step up again.

You know how you grind and grind and grind and movement is slow and then BAM - you're at another level? I think I might be just on the edge of stepping up. This doesn't mean I will jump higher, it just means I SHOULD be able to. Gotta stick to the technique progression and be patient. Thanks for listening! Bubba

PS - as you can tell I blog when something hits me as this is basically my "thoughts diary". Sometimes it's once a day and other's it's twice. Whatever it takes. Thanks again!

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