Friday, November 20, 2009

Kamloops? Yes?

I talked to Nancy at breakfast this morning as we decided that if I want to do it that I should go to Kamloops, BC, Canada alone for the World Masters Indoor on March 5. It's tough to leave her mom that long right now. My gut feeling is that I probably will as my poles can be shipped to the Pacific Northwest and driven over to the meet by friends who are also jumping and driving. I will fly directly into Kamloops. It's got three stops and makes for a long day, but not as bad as flying to Seattle and then driving for six hours.

I've got a little bit of a sore throat today and its raining and cool out. It's supposed to clear late tonight or in the early morning so I will get a full day of training tomorrow. Looking forward to vaulting again. More later. Bubba

PS - According to their website the event is 100 days away but entries close on 1/4/10. We must submit ours through USA Track & Field by mail. Weird - we usually enter with USATF online. I'm looking into hotels and flights to see if it's really worth it considering the USA Track & Field Indoor Nationals are only two weeks later in Boston. Had I not just gotten back from Sydney this would be a no brainer. I know I should just man up and do it but Sydney took a big toll on me.


  1. check out for information on hotels and things to do in Kamloops. Kamloops has direct flights from Calgary and Vancouver (5 a day from Vancouver and 3 a day from Calgary) on either WestJet ( or Air Canada (

  2. Thanks John. Just did. My chances of going are up. Bubba