Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Travel Day & Schedule Change

My friend and client in College Station, TX is having a baby (his wife is) tomorrow so I went today instead of tomorrow like I usually do. We decided that this is a better day for both of us anyway so that's cool. I can get in earlier and out earlier (1:45 drive) and he's not as busy. We met almost 11 years ago when he visited a physical therapy facility I had in Southern California where I was building a pool. I've seen him one day a week for the past couple of years as he continues to expand his practice.

This means that my jump days are now Wednesday/Saturday. That's good and bad. I don't like waiting for other people to jump in practice so I'll go out before they show up on Saturday. Also I immediately do running, bars and then leave to lift right when I finish jumping so I can't really hang out and watch them or coach them. As I say in the nicest way, "when I'm jumping I don't really care about you". Sad but true. I VERY MUCH enjoy coaching and encouraging all of the vaulters but my practice is just that - my practice.

Another Saturday problem is that if I want to go watch the kids compete I'm juggling my training again. I'll figure it out. I could always later switch to Monday/Friday or even Monday/Thursday. We'll give this a try for a bit.

I'm feeling a little sore still so I will be careful tomorrow but I'm already feeling stronger again. If you remember I like to "embrace the grind". I'm very much a person who enjoys a fixed schedule. I do OK without one but I feel I'm more productive with a predictable life. Boring as that may be, Nancy is the same way which is good for us. We're basically antisocial at times because I'm constantly presenting to strangers in my job so it's nice to shut out the world and just enjoy a simpler life. Don't get me wrong, we have friends and do things but when we get a break we hide out and take it.

I'll fill you in tomorrow after I get done. I'm going to take it very easy on poles and try to get more out of the smaller ones for awhile like I did before Sydney. Have a great evening! Bubba

PS - got our air tickets to Reno today - $228 each - great deal!!

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