Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Day Off

The groin ding is almost non-existent at this point so I will take my last day off, the regular Wednesday day off, as I travel for business. I'll start back to training tomorrow and can't wait. I remember my vacation to the National Senior Games in Northern California that I felt like I had been off for a month and was just sick of doing nothing. I feel the same now.

I got an email from one of my best friends and superstud M55 vaulter, Kirk Bentz, about Kamloops. You may remember that Kirk came out to LAX to see me on my way to Australia. Kirk just turned 55 and he has vaulted at a very high level for the entire year. Certainly he will challenge and get a few records along the way.

Anyway, Kirk was asking about my 50/50 status on going to World Indoors in Kamloops, B.C. Canada. That reminded me that I didn't really explain why something so big on my calendar is now 50/50. When my mother in law, June, had a stroke while I was in Australia, our family vacation was canceled. We are actually supposed to be in Maine right now. Besides the stress of a medical emergency, my wife still needs and deserves a vacation since I went to Sydney alone. It seems that she is more interested in going to Reno for the USA Track & Field Pole Vault Summit rather than Kamloops. I'm fine with that.

I may still go to Kamloops but it will probably be an in and out and last minute decision. Though Canada is closer than Australia there are still three legs to flight, the hassles of the poles and the fact that the travel company that was booking the rooms went bankrupt. So that's why I'm 50/50.

You all know very well how this goes. Training resumes, things go well, and I start looking at flights and rooms in Kamloops. Until then, it's one day and one vault at a time. Have a fun day! Bubba

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