Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm Back!

First, some clarifications. I vaulted Tuesday/Friday not Wednesday/Friday like I originally thought, as my blog showed me. Therefore I did not lift yesterday so I could make an attempt to vault again today (Sunday) on only one day rest. I normally wouldn't attempt this (jumping 3 times in one week) but it's 72 degrees out this morning and it's supposed to be cold (40s-50s) and rainy the rest of the week. My general rule is I can jump three days and do no other training or I can jump two days and do all of the other training components.

I went out after breakfast this morning so I felt slovenly heavy and sloshy because I drink so much tea. Nonetheless I thought I would give it a shot and worse case I would stop if things didn't feel right. I was a little fatigued but warmed up pretty quickly. I decided to start on the 4m/13'/14.7/176, the pole I ended on last time. I went from 33' since this is my standard baseline set up. Again, the baseline is something to progress from, not a goal to get too. But this time of the year it serves both.

Since I was a little beat up I started at 11' and made it the first jump and then made 12' on the first jump, so I'm back at the baseline. YEAH!! I tried a couple of jumps on the 14.3/180 but it felt weak in my hands so I decided to move back to 44' and go to my smallest 14' pole/17.5. Made 12' twice very easily from there but that pole was also very small. Uninjured and pleased to be back at my baseline and back on my 14' poles all in the same day, I stopped - 8 vaults. Hooray for small victories!!

These are the two things I wanted to happen before I jumped at a meet so I feel good going into the meet at Kris indoor place next Saturday. That day is the 5th or exactly three months from World Indoors in Kamloops, BC, Canada - March 5th. I'll lift in the gym tomorrow, run Tuesday, lift in the garage Wednesday, and then stretch on Thursday and Friday. NOW I'm back on a schedule I can live with.

I rarely jump during the week of a meet so today was it but I'll have two more weeks after next Saturday before my next meet. Again, I'm in good shape so it shouldn't be such a big deal that I have all of these changes in my daily schedule. That said, I HATE not having a schedule. Typically I have a "training" schedule and a "meet" schedule. I will now be back on that system.

I have booked hotels and paid for flights for Reno and Kamloops but have yet to find a decent deal on flights for Boston. I usually get my flight before I enter the meet but yesterday I went ahead and entered National Masters Indoors in Boston. I'm always one of the first entries but for me, that makes it "real" and I adapt accordingly with my training. I can't explain it but even though I can embrace the grind, it's just easier to train at this level if there is some definitive event and date. Whatever works.

Hope you have a great day. Thanks for being here. Bubba

Reflection - I guess any time I can vault three times in a week it's good; especially if each of the three days was better than the one before.

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