Sunday, November 1, 2009

Videos from Indoor Nationals 2009

I just got this video from my friend, Eric Negley from USA Track & Field Masters Indoor Nationals held last March at Landover, Maryland. It is all of the jumps between ages 30 to 59. Awesome job by Eric. Pretty nice motivation during this slow time of the year to get ready for the upcoming indoor season. I won this meet with my opening jump which begins at 4:27 into the video. Hmmmmmm - isn't 4.27, 14? Like it!!

The video starts with the young guys around 3.80m (12' 5 1/2"). If you don't know metric every 4" is about 10 cm so you can do the math. The older guys (us) pick up around 3.20m or 10' 5 1/2". I jumped at 3.65m which is about 12'. I took one at 3.80m but stopped with a lightly strained hamstring.

Today my leg has turned the corner for the good. I'll probably do a light vault session when I start back on Thursday. Can't wait!! Here's something funny - whenever I stand up from a chair, car seat, toilet, etc., I put both feet down and with no hands make a quick jump move to get up - sort of my way of doing plyos throughout the day. Turns out that this is what was irritating my leg from getting better. Bubba

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