Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Got Tired of Waiting

Well, I was coming back from a breakfast meeting and noticed that the drizzle had given way to 65 degrees and sunny so I changed and headed to the track to vault. Tomorrow's high is 60 with a low of 44 so since I have had extended rest I figured I might as well get the vault, run, bars components of tomorrow's workout done.

Not surprisingly I felt horribly flat since I've basically done nothing since last Thursday; not even stretched. I started on a cut 4m/16.3 that belongs to Don. A cut pole is simply a little weaker than the full length pole of the same flex. I could not even think of jumping on this pole from 21' so I moved to 32' and ran easy. Made 10' (3.06m) and 10' 6" (3.21m) on first attempts. I tried 11' (3.36m) twice but the pole was too small. I can usually make 11' on that pole with a good jump. I moved up to the full length series of mine and on to the 15.9/171 and made 11' easy on the second attempt but that pole felt too small. I moved to the 15.5/173.6 and went to 11' 6" (3.51m) and had three close jumps and stopped. So I got nine jumps today. Physically I felt flat but technically I wasn't that far off. A lot of rhythm on the runway is flexibility and I had less from no stretching. Not to mention that I've been sick.

I considered moving up to the next pole and going to 43' but I have a rule about moving back. Part of my baseline is that I have to be able to jump on at least the 16.3 and hopefully the 15.9 from 22' before I move the run back more than one stride. I'm sure I will be able to do this within the next two practices. Sometimes a pole that is a little too big from one run proves to be too small on the next one and that's what happened today. At least I've started.

I would say the right hamstring thing is probably 80% better but still there a little when I run so I ran at only about 20-30% in order to nurture a full range of motion without the grabbing - 4X40; 1X20+2X40; 20, 30, 40. Again I never felt that leg during my run or jump because the right leg is rarely injured on a right handed vaulter. Everything else feels fine.

I'll lift legs at the gym tomorrow and then get back on schedule with my garage lift on Thanksgiving with the next jump day being Saturday. Have a great day!! Bubba

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