Friday, November 27, 2009

More Thanks

I'm hanging out waiting for it to get warm enough to jump so I thought I would add a few thoughts. Today is my mom's birthday. Of course she passed away on April 19, of this year but she is still with me. Her birthday fell on Thanksgiving many times. I think what I'm going to do is each year on her birthday I'll write her a little letter and tell her what I'm thinking. Upon her death I wrote a "Tribute" to her so I think I will add on to it with these letters.

Her mother died when she was young and she told us at a very early age that her greatest regret in life was not ever telling her mother she loved her. We never had that problem of course. Though I do miss her I'm pleased for her to be gone and be out of the suffering she experienced over the past three years. Like all of our mom's, she was a great lady. Be sure and tell yours (and your dad) that you love them while they are still here. If they aren't then you know exactly what I mean.

My friend from Sydney, Phillip Carrero, emailed today to say that he recently vaulted 4m (13' 1 1/2") in practice as he awaits the start of their summer meets. You may remember that he got 3rd at the World Masters Games with a strained hamstring. I could tell by watching his vaults that he has very good technique. This is a HUGE breakthrough for him and well above his National Record. I'm so excited for him, and it couldn't happen to a better guy!!

I'm not going to any meets at Kris' place. I'd love to but the first is next Saturday and even if I hit my baseline today or Monday I'm not prepared to be on 14' poles yet. His next one is 12/26, which I was all excited about until I noticed that if I went it would be the first of three consecutive weekends for meets. I try to never do more than two consecutive weekends to avoid injury. I have meets on 1/2 and1/9 so his is out. The meet I have on 12/19 I plan to withdraw from because it is too late in the day or evening for a 4.5 hour drive. IF they don't have a lot of jumpers I may go anyway. We'll see.

That Time of the Year
I got more emails from vaulters yesterday (20+) than at any time since I returned from Sydney? Why? We're all restless and bored with no meets. Thanksgiving? Too much home time and no vaulting I guess.

That said, I'm off to vault. More later. Bubba

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