Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jump Day

I jumped today and will do the running part and lift lower tomorrow. My work schedule screwed up my training order this week and it's supposed to rain tomorrow so Saturday it is for this week.

The goal was to jump on the 12'6/165 from 22'. That experiment lasted one jump as I made 10' on it but it was too small. I moved to a 13/165 for 10' 6" and made it but it was too small for 11'. Went in the shed and got my pole bag with my 13' poles (4m) in it and took out the 171/15.9 and made 11' easy from 34' (normally 33'). Tried 12' on the 15.5 and 15.0 (one each) and had easy height but the poles were way too little so I was moving through pretty fast. I was having to bail out during the extension to keep from hitting the bar on the way up.

Got a wild hair and grabbed my first 14' pole and went back to 44' but couldn't get a take off step right. I felt too far under even though 44' is pretty far back - normally 43'. I think I needed to be at 45'+ which is WAY back so I stopped rather than risk being forced to run too hard.

Common sense says that if you run the same number of steps from 43' to 45', then at 45' you're running much faster because you are covering more ground with the same number of steps. I've only been at 45' once in a meet and today it would have been too close. THAT is exciting.

Next practice I'll start again at 33' on the 4m/15.9 and work my way through poles and runs. So far, this puts me WAY ahead of where I thought I would be. What groin strain? I felt nothing in my left leg - like it never happened. Yahoooooooooo!! This should be a good week of settling into regular training. I'll be really beat up but that's OK. I'm glad to finally feel back in the program. Have a great day! Bubba

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