Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Entered!

The weather has not cooperated this morning plus I have a cold so I guess that means I wait until tomorrow whether I prefer to or not. It's 54 degrees and drizzly so there's nothing to be gained by fighting mother nature. I'll go out tomorrow and switch over to the Sunday/Thursday jump rotation. I can always lift legs in my garage on Thanksgiving so that's not such a big deal. OR, I could skip lifting this rotation, just vault and run, and then stay on my Wednesday/Saturday rotation. I'll play it by ear.

I filled out all of the World Indoors entry paperwork and sent it away to USA Track & Field in Indianapolis this morning. That's as official and committed as I can be since I have bought my air ticket, reserved my room and mailed my entry. Now I need to focus on a plan.

My biggest concern has been answered in that I need to jump well in Reno the last week of January but I can't take risks since it is only five weeks from Worlds. This usually means I will try to get more out of small poles and not push to use big ones like I will at Worlds.

Reality - getting a medal will be tough. It always is but especially when you have the meet near the US for the first time ever. Some very good vaulters pick and choose what International meets they vault in but when it's close to home they come out of the woodwork. My only prediction is that Kirk wins.

That's it for now. Have a great day! Bubba

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