Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OK - I'm Ready

Things always seem to work out to protect me from myself. And many times that's not enough. I thought about jumping with our Jr./Sr. High kids last night at the monthly All Comers Meet but a last minute lunch meeting made me feel too heavy. Today it's overcast and drizzly and yet another lunch meeting came up. Tomorrow, the day I'm supposed to restart, is predicted to be nice weather and I have no business obligations scheduled.

The bottom line is that I am ready to start. I wasn't planning on having a "phase break" with the limited activity from my sore right hamstring, or getting a bad cold, but at least nothing hurts now and mentally I can't wait to start either.

Unlike Sydney where I was coming off on an injury, I'm healthy now and have over a month longer to prepare for Kamloops. I will have six indoor meets on my schedule so the rule will be "patience". The week of meets will provide rest breaks along the way and the rest will be my normal training grind. Let the fun begin! Bubba

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