Thursday, November 19, 2009

Running = Jumping Higher

The goal this year is to get my run back to where it should be, about 88', while using the same technique. Two years ago I ran from 77' or 88' every meet and had a best vault of 12' 9 1/2" (3.90m). Since I changed my technique I have jumped 13' 5 1/4" (4.10m) from 55'. We figure 6" (15 cm) up per stride added. For example - from 22' I have made 12', from 33' my best is 12' 6", I've made 13' from 44' and 13' 5" from 55. Let's continue the math - I SHOULD be able to get 14' from 66', 14' 6" from 77' and 15' from 88'. BUT, the rest of my jump has to stay the same for this to happen. Conservatively I would expect to be able to jump 14' from 77' but I have to be able to run at maximum controllable speed and hit my positions - a tougher challenge.

It's not as simple as it sounds or I would just move my run back and do it. To give me a consistent, fast and powerful run, I'm running a lot. Right now the intensity is low but it will build as I go. On Saturday and Wednesday of this week I ran Set 1 - 3X30; Set 2 - 2X30-1X40; Set 3 - 20,30,40. On Monday I ran 3X200, 2X150 ans 1X100.

The running is an important component but I have to also keep the vault baselines in place. On Saturday I'll jump from 22' for my last time and hope to at least have good jumps at 12'. My main baseline for technical efficiency is 12' from 33'. I have made 12' 6" from that run several times but the baseline is 12'. Hopefully that will happen Saturday also. If so then I will try to get 12' 6" and then move back to 44'. I have to be on baseline to move back or it makes no sense to do so. At Sydney I jumped 13' 1 1/2" (4m) from 66' and had quite a bit of height, so that matches up pretty well with what I have in mind. Now it has to be able to happen every session, and when it does, move back a stride again.

After I am through these shorter runs and over 12' 6", I will not return to 13' poles. On a good day I can use my smallest 14' pole from 33' and make 12' 6". The goal is to be able to start further back on the long rest rotation and from 33' or 44' on the short rest days. Once I am only on my 14' pole series than I should be able to strengthen my vault conditioning and be able to progress through poles big enough to jump high.

So that's the plan and rationale. Hope it makes sense. Now I just have to do it and that requires patience and the intelligence to stop if I feel I'm risking injury. I would rather jump one day per week healthy than two and risk having to sit out for 4-8 weeks. I think the intelligence is a bigger challenge. Have a great day! Bubba

PS - if you go to DJ's chart - you can see that to vault 14' takes a 13' 5" grip and a "mid mark" (six steps out) of 45'. So the question becomes how much of a run up do I need to make my left foot, six steps out, hit 45', and have enough speed to cover the ground to make it to my take off mark? My grip at Sydney was 13' 2" so a 13' 5" grip one stride back should easily be manageable. This paragraph is the origin of the discussion above. Thanks! Bubba

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