Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rain & Kamloops

While I'm waiting on the rain to try to get a jump day in, I went ahead and booked my flight to Kamloops for the World Masters Indoors - I have seen $958 for months and got an $856 this morning. There were a few that were a little cheaper but they had three stops and mine had two with only one ticket left on each leg.

I got an email last night from my friend Kirk Bentz in LA suggesting we go on this adventure together. Great idea! You may remember that it was Kirk who came out to LAX to hang out with me on my layover on the way to Sydney. He just turned 55 before the National Senior Games and has consistently jumped higher than me last year so it would be great if we could both get medals in Canada.

Kirk's plan is to fly to Seattle and drive and I would truly love to do that with him but since it's midweek and I have business responsibilities that require me to be on the phone and Internet, I'll pay extra to fly right into Kamloops. When we went to the 100th Drake Relays last year me, Don and John Altendorf flew into KC and then drove the four hours to Des Moines and had a blast. I wish I could do this with Kirk but we'll get another chance I'm sure.

My personal rule is once I've bought my plane ticket I enter the meet so I'll start filling out that paperwork this morning. I still don't understand why USA Track & Field has paper forms this time when we always enter online. I'm guessing that maybe it is the Games requirement and not theirs. Whatever - your entries are submitted by USATF as "Team USA" so we do what we are told.

I'll report back later if the weather breaks. I'm hoping it does because my next jump day would be Thursday if I wait until tomorrow. Jumping on Thanksgiving is no big deal but my lifting that day is in the gym and they are closed so I'm just trying to stay on track. More later. Bubba

PS - In case you did not know, the 2010 Winter Olympics will have just ended in Vancouver when we come through.

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