Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet December 5

I'm sure you have noticed that plans change often around here. This is my "put it out there and see what makes sense" outlet. Many changes come based on how my body feels after the last workout, our how I am progressing in any particular area. That said, because I jumped well yesterday, considering I only had one day off between jump sessions, I'm going to go and jump in the meet at Kris' place next Saturday. I'm only one pole away from my 14' poles so I'll take this week to resume the other training components and then get to Kris and start on my smaller 14's.

A few years ago I got sick of making 11' 6" (3.51m) so I quit jumping at it and began starting at 12' (3.66m). If I can't start at that level I shouldn't be at a meet. Besides, that's where I normally start my practices from only 33'. I feel I'm ready to do that.

At Sydney I started warm up on my 17.2 from 44' and then went to the 17.0 from 55' and it was real comfortable in horrible winds. If I only got through those poles and maybe my 16.5, I should be able to at least make 12' 6" (3.81m). If not then I will have something specific to work on before my next meet on 12/19.

I'm excited to have a definitive starting point because jumping in meets requires a pretty fixed training schedule so I can predict how I will feel. Preparing for meets also makes me focus on my eating. I normally jump at about 171 but lately I've been 173-4. That may not sound like much but it makes a difference ion your timing. In any case, I'm looking forward to it.

Today is our end of the month All Comers meet at 10. I'll go out and watch that and then I will go to the gym and lift. The key for me is stretching. When I am on my regular stretching routine and frequency, my legs feel good on the runway. I stretch when I lift so that's a big piece to get back in. Also, I feel fast but not powerful when I run on the runway and do not lift. Glad to get back to reality. More later. Bubba

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