Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still Sore

Well, I was still a little too sore to vault or seriously run this morning so I'll accept that and move on to the gym, bars and stretch. I remember feeling this way one day getting ready for Sydney and had a great vault day the next time by being smart and stopping. I've got to remember that it's not worth getting hurt. Today I actually took my poles off the rack in the shed after my warm up and started walking toward the pit before I stopped and went back. I can't be that dumb when I know it's dumb. The funny thing is that my legs are really starting to feel strong and quick so once this residual soreness clears out I should be set to begin making some vaulting progress.

The difference between where I am right now and where I was at this point before Sydney is that I am not injured in any way. I could easily go out Saturday and jump on my 14' poles whereas there's no way I could have even considered that at this point before Sydney. SO, that makes it easier to walk away today as I truly feel that I am way ahead of where I have ever been at this time of year.

My focus this year for the first time will be more geared toward vaulting rather than the other training components. I'll do everything full speed but I won't feel bad on a vault day because I overdid something on a previous day. Thanks for being there and "getting it". Bubba

PS - I just changed some lifts again
I mentioned that juggling these days puts me on the short rest cycle this week after lifting the long rest loads. So today I put the front squat jumps and the deep back squats a day ahead so I would have longer to rest. I'm guessing that this could be a recurring problem even on regular rest as the lifting intensity rises. So putting all legs on the jump day gives me more recovery time. I also added some upper conditioning lifts to the jump day as well so I wouldn't have to do those the day before I vault. I know you have heard this before but I think this about wraps up all changes.

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