Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lap of Luxury

This is the image I get when I think of "lapping up luxury".  But my summer is spent at quite the opposite with our biggest meets of the year being in Houston, Sacramento and Cleveland.  It is what it is and you get ready and you go.

Today I had my last running with 5 X 50m hill/sleds.  Everything felt good and then I got a long stretch.  I was a little surprised after sitting in the car so much but I felt reasonably loose and fairly free on my runs.  So that's it for the year.  As the end of week #61 comes to an end, so does this season. 

Of course next season starts a week from tomorrow.  I'm often asked why I don;t take time off.  first, it's WAY too hard to gain back what you lose, and 2, the pole vault is a fun event.  It's like telling a surfer they need some time off.  WHY?

Hope you have a great day and thanks for your support!!  Bubba

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