Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to Cleveland

So far so good.  Landed 20+ minutes early, bags came out really fast, 1st off the bus and in line at the car rental, took less than 5 minutes at the car rental, found the meet hotel (Crown Plaza Airport) easily, got early check in, lunch, off to track, found the poles, saw the facility, picked up my package in less than 3 minutes, got a nap since I woke up at 3:30 AM, etc. Not too bad.

The vault area is below a bluff behind the top curve of the track.  Because that berm/bluff is about 25' high, we don't get hit with a crosswind like Sacramento.  On the other side of the runway are trees so today was a light little tailwind.  Looks like a great place to jump.  They had some rain this morning and that delayed the vault, but it's all clearing out for a nice weekend.

I just got an email from USA Track & Field telling us that Sunday at 8:45 the NFL's Cleveland Browns will open their training camp at Baldwin Wallace on the field next to the track.  We should expect delays in driving and thousands of fans there to watch the football practice.  I'm done tomorrow but Don jumps Sunday.  The Browns just cut Jake Delhomme which means that former University of Texas QB Colt McCoy is their starter.

Speaking of Don, today is his 55th birthday which is good news and bad news.  He will vault in the M50 rather than the M55 because the cut off date for age is the day the meet starts, yesterday.  As I mentioned before he drove here from Houston and will take our poles back on his car.

Tonight is the pole vaulter jam session and Tony K's bar and grill.  I'm not a night person nor do I drink but I need to check out a little bit of this.  Have a great day and thanks for your support. I've got to get my lazy butt up and stride/skip/stretch.  Bubba

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