Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to Lifting - YES!!

It's always funny to me how I have to really get myself ready to go back to the gym after a break.  You would think I'm going to a death match.  Then when I get there I immediately feel how much I missed it and enjoy the process.  GREAT lift and bar day.  Even better, I get to jump on Tuesday!  Yahoooooooooo!!

I've got the Texas vs. Louisiana meet on 10/22 so I'm trying to plan my poles for that.  My gut says to start on my 14' 1"s (4.30m) poles and then move to my 14' 7"s when needed.  Normally I would only take the 14' 7"s.  I'm pleased with the technical progress and control I'm getting on my vault so I'm not going to just rush to big poles to jump high.  I would rather work through and "earn" the bigger poles as I go.

Have a great Sunday and a sincere thank you for your interest and support!  Bubba

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