Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here Comes Another Weird Week

As much as my mind and body fought me this morning I got in and had a very productive gym/lift/bar session.  I'm in Denver tomorrow and Tuesday and LA on Wednesday/Thursday.  Probably better as the break will keep me from screwing with my leg; which is much better today. 

I woke up feeling I'm 50/50 for the Texas vs. Louisiana meet on 10/22 but now I'm more optimistic.  What I'm most excited about is my training process.  I'm trying to get the most out of every level rather than just passing on to the next because I can.  For the past few years I have jumped on the biggest pole possible and now I jump on the biggest one that I feel comfortable with.  I'm getting a lot more out of my vault sessions because of it.

SO, I'm early for 2013, yet already feel behind for Reno 2012.  Reality - I hope to PR again at Reno and I am sure as soon as the move is done I will quickly make up any perceived lost ground.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for your support. Bubba

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