Monday, October 24, 2011

New Gym Experience - Reaching

Since I gave all of my weights away, my garage lift day is now another gym day.  Today was the first time to go through and figure out everything as far as settings, angles, etc.  It feels different but it feels good.  I work from home so between heavier sets I would come in and check email, stretch between exercises, etc.  Now that I am in the gym it is just lift, bars and stretch.  I feel like there will be less "wasted" time as I will keep moving like I do on the other gym day.  Because this saves time I feel really relaxed as I progress through my stretching.  I've been lifting bench and incline in a Smith machine in my garage to protect my shoulder.  Now I'm on total free weights and that too will take some getting used to again. At the start it felt awkward but by the end it all felt familiar again.

I am a little over 150,000 lbs (68,181kg) from lifting 20 million lbs. (9,090,909 kg) since I came back on January 1, 2005.  The first two years 100% of my lifting was in the garage.  I moved to the gym to have more leg choices and the cardio equipment.  SO, another transition and a new step forward.

I was thinking yesterday that my life is about reaching out for things I think have value.  They may be harder to attain but if they are worth the effort they are worth the reach.  Like the house for example.  It's more than I need and a little more than I want to pay but the step below it is unacceptable to me so I reach.  I'll do whatever extra work or effort is required to make anything in my power happen.  Same with training.  Sure I jumped well the other day but it takes time to raise to another level physically and technically.  My gut feeling is that if I don't step it up a notch NOW, I won't be where I need to be in 2013 when Worlds comes around a couple of weeks before I turn 60 and will be the youngest in my group.  The reach at the gym today reminded me to keep reaching in other areas of my life as well.  Reaching - it's what I do and love.  Have a great day and thank you for being here!  Bubba

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