Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home - For a Few Days

I've been home for 10 minutes and the printer repair guy says he is on his way over. I had hoped to get out and do some easy sleds both today and Saturday to see if I'm going to try and jump at the meet next week or not.  If you remember I stopped the last practice with a mild right groin thing.  Hope to give it a shot but we will see.

Have way too much to cover here so I'll spread it out over a few days.  Apparently Simon Arkell is getting me my own key to where he and his vaulters train AND I can keep my poles there rather than transport each vault day.  They also have bars, sleds, plyo boxes, etc. so I should be set there.  I haven't been to it yet but there is a 24 Hour Fitness a few miles away so I'll switch my membership to there.  I'm giving my garage weights to Don Curry as I'm not sure I will have room or if the sea air is good for the equipment in the garage.  Since January 1, 2005 I'm nearly at 20 million lbs. lifted (9.1 million kg) and a lot was in my garage.

Moving - the plan is to leave by car on Thursday evening 10/29, get past San Antonio and rest.  Get up about 4 AM and drive into New Mexico.  Sleep a few hours and drive to Phoenix, sleep a few hours and drive to the new place.  It's about 26 hours of driving with three dogs.  Should be fun - not so much.  More later.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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