Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fine Tuning

Another long stretch day in the garage and a chance to work through final exercise combinations and order so I can fine tune my new training life.  It's all becoming very clear now and I'm very excited about that.  So many parts of it are better suited for my goals than I have ever had before.  It's funny how when you allow yourself to get past the initial confusion and disappointment of radical change, that you see a much better solution than you imagined.

Even the smallest details are proving to be a refreshing upgrade.  The gym is crowded and has some limitations but the high P-Bars allow me to swing back further than ever.  Because the grips are a little wider my hips can get through my hands too.  I've noticed a dramatic difference in the range of motion and force of my swing when I vault.

No I don't have my little grass hill and sled, but I always complained that I had to use a sled because the hill wasn't step enough.  Not only do I have a superior hill/ramp at the stadium of Dana Hills High School, but I have some very steep bleachers to mix in between.  These bleachers make me explosively drive off of every step while the hill/ramp allows me to build a quicker and more powerful run rhythm.

DHHS is about to put another box in so their pit can be out year round.  It is 10 minutes from my house.  I'll jump my short run day there and my longer day with Simon.  I will have keys and full access and they also have a ton of poles.  They are due a new pit in three years and they already have the money in the bank.  The head coach, Craig Dunn, was a distance runner at DHHS who tried vaulting his senior year and made 10' 6" his first day and finished at 13' 6". STUD!!  He has a passion for the vault and wants to see his kids have the best chance to succeed.  I'm all for helping out and appreciate that they would allow me out there.

As stupid as it sounds, the smaller Smith Machine has smoother and a more free action that my old Gold's Gym machine which I loved.  Even more surprising is that the bench that came with it has the seat part slightly raised and angled toward the head of the bench so when I stretch it puts more gravity over my body making it easier to get a deep stretch without forcing.

All of this again reinforces that the mind is like a parachute and works best when open.  I HATED the lack of a familiar routine and now I have a brand new one that is better than any one I have ever had.  I just had to quit being stubborn and look for it.  I've dumped some exercises and changed some others and I am recharged to get started.  Sometimes the way it has been done is not the way it should be done and I have learned that lesson again.  It makes me ashamed that I was so closed to what clearly was a great new opportunity. I just had to let it in and I have.  Now let's have some fun.  Reno and then off to "next year".

Thanks so much for being here and your support.  I'll see many of you in Reno but for the rest, stay after it.  Whether you think you will have a good day or not, you are probably right.  Bubba

Bon Jovi, "It's My Life" was playing during my stretching and reminded me that IT IS my life; make the best of every moment - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx2u5uUu3DE&ob=av2e

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