Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to Get Out! Dominance / Submission

I'm foolish enough to believe I have a some big jumps trapped inside my body.  I know it's a struggle with my mind and body of dominance and submission.  You know, you feel all powerful and then you bump your knee and drop to the floor feeling like a weakling about to puke?  Build it up and get knocked down - repeat 1,000+ times and you may find success.

You train and gain strength and power at the same time you tear your vault down to nothing and rebuild it.  That's the only answer I have as to why I delude myself and why will this time will be different.  I know that John Altendorf is the only 60+ year old man to ever jump 13' (3.97m - actually 4.04 indoors & 4.05m outdoors) and I plan on being the only 60 year old to jump 14' (4.27m).  YES that's DAMN CRAZY since I haven't jumped that since I was 46.  Yep, 14 years older ought to be about right for that type of a breakthrough.  DUMBASS!!

But I have to believe it with all of my being and break everything down and build it again if I am even to join John's exclusive club at 13'.  There is a reason only he has ever done it in history.  Do I really think I can jump 14'?  Yes - look at my 13' 6" jump in Reno last year.  I cleared it by a foot and I can run further, hold higher and use bigger poles today than I could then.  I just jumped 13' last week in Reno without running further than 6 steps or 33' (10m), or attempting higher than 12' (3.66m) in practice.  Low level technical stuff carries over to bigger success on bigger poles.

All of this said it will require a very special and consistent long term approach.  Hence, I start training tomorrow for October 2013.  Wish me luck.  Oh yeah, you will be here with me.  Thanks so much for that!  Bubba

Dominance / Submission by Blue Oyster Cult


  1. hey Bubba, you can do it, I have seen you jump and I know your determination and work ethic , you can do it.
    I know for myself my best PR every was 14 ' in high school, now I can jump 10'6" or 11" on a good day, but I know I can do better, with work , training, and time, I will fight the demons of age and do better, my goal is 12' in the next year. Can I do it? Yes I can, I just need to put the mind to the matter and make it happen. I look forward to see you make 14'

  2. Thank you so much Unknown! You just made my day. We both know how hard it is but we both know we can do it!! Thanks again! Let's both make it happen! If you don't have dreams you have nothing to come true!