Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Goes On

WELL, since I will jump in the meet in San Diego on Saturday because I have no place to jump before then, my workout schedule deals me a day off today. I will start my next rotation tomorrow by doing Tuesday's running and all of Wednesday's marathon training components.  Wednesday AM I will get up and do Friday's workout and then cruise into the weekend.  I'm guessing I will also do some combination of this same thing next week but starting a day later.  I think there is a meet at Marina HS in Huntington Beach that weekend.

To clarify - I will jump in meets but I won't travel or break training. The way it works around here is there are a ton of All Comer meets now and again in the summer.  But once the high school and college meets start we are out of luck.  So lucky me, at least I have some meet opportunities until I can get my regular practice rotation back. 

The good news is that if  only jump once a week I can really trash my body on my training because I only have to feel good one day and I will always have a coupe of rest/stretch days before that.  SO, life goes on.  Have a great evening and thanks for being here.  Bubba

I leave you with Offspring's, "The Kids Aren't Alright", a great training song.  Ironic title because the singer has a PhD in microbiology, so I guess he and his bandmates have done alright.

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