Friday, January 27, 2012

Less Than Zero!! Facing My Demons!

When I start a new program I make the assumption that both physically and technically I am at the bottom and starting over.  So not just at zero, but LESS than zero because I want to start with a clean slate, not just come back with what I have always done.

As your body is thrashed from training you don't have the energy to jump on big poles or long runs.  Because of this you get far more jumps in because you stay at a low level.  The problem there is that because you aren't tired AND can get many jumps, you are faced with many jumps to confront your technical demons.  Now most of those are mental.  You simply have to get used to getting in positions that aren't that comfortable because they are not familiar.  So you have all of these jumps by which to torment yourself.  That was today.

I started on 4 steps on my smallest pole and made 11' (3.35m). At 11' 6" (3.51m) I went up a pole but stayed at 4 steps.  In three attempts I could not find the timing to complete a jump so I stayed on that pole and moved back a stride to 6 steps.  I cleared it 2 out of 3 times.  The KEY is that I was on the 4m/13'1/15.9.  Normally at 6 steps I would go to the 14.7 because that would assure a clearance. That's not the "game" here.  The game is how high can I jump with better technique on small poles?

Next session I should be able to turn up on the 15.9 from 4 steps, and soon after, even bigger poles.  This is the stepping stone method.  A pole you can use from 6 steps you can now use from 4 and so on, just by trying it for three jumps in the previous practice.  So by the end of February, jumping twice a week and getting used to my training, I hope to jump 12'/3.66m (ties my PR) on a big pole from 4 steps. 

Again, this is process.  I can't move up poles just to clear the bar as I have to progress through all of my smaller poles and get the most out of each as I go.  I may move up and not be able to get in so I have to move back a stride if I can't turn up in three attempts. Just like a meet, you have only three attempts before you have to change poles, runs or both.  Repeat 20-30 times and my body will learn that I expect something different from it.  BTW - Bungee?  NEVER!  I'll use one when they allow them in meets.

My rationale is that I just jumped 13' in Reno after not running further that 6 steps in practice and not trying higher than 12'.  So isn't this the BEST way to assure I move up systematically for the long haul?  I think so.  Today I gripped 11' 10" (3.60m) from 4 steps.  If I can get that to 12' 3" (3.74m) then I'm setting myself up to grip higher when my run eventually moves back.

Having not done one single thing since Reno my stride length was short and choppy.  No stretching, running or strength work will do that.  I'm OK with that today but next time I should be able to cover more ground and move the 15.9.  Much more to say but I'll do it another day.  Thanks so much for being here!  Bubba

Here is "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins, another great training song -

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