Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time Machine

Another dangerous change of plans.  I noticed it was much cooler out this morning but decided to take my pole bag that I will take to Reno with me = bigger poles.  My first pole in the bag is my 2nd biggest 13' 1" (4m) pole, a 13.8.  Considering that the last two practices I have jumped on my 13.5 from 6 steps, the 13.8 is a push to start on, but I felt I needed to try.  Reno is coming and that can't be the first time I hit a pole that feels stiff.

I felt quick but unstable in the legs from lack of training and stretching this week.  This creates a bigger risk considering my plan and the cool temperatures.  I figure the worst case I could move back to 8 steps.  I did a ton of short little take offs from 2 and 4 steps to be sure my timing was good.  I also took four take offs with no bar from 6 steps to make sure I was on.  When I put the bar up it was apparent to me if I didn't hit my hands well I would not get in enough to turn up to attempt the bar.  Jump #1 that's exactly what happened.  I didn't roll the pole.  Jump #2 I boomed 11' (3.35m) by a lot. Jump #3 I easily cleared 12' (3.66m) and stopped right there.  Mission accomplished.

Sure I would have liked to have taken more jumps but I felt at that point that moving to 8 steps and going to my 14' 1" was too much for how I was feeling and the cool climate.  Dodged a bullet and had a good day.  Many would question that 2 completed jumps is not a good day but they were very good jumps and my technique was dead on.  A few years ago during a rehab period, soon to become Olympic and World Champion, Steve Hooker said that some of his best practices were 2-6 jumps.  He knew he was limited by injuries so his focus was much better as he knew he could not waste jumps.  That's me today; hit the CRAP out of the pole, hit my positions and quit before I'm hurt.  Thank you body!!

I'm not stuck in the past.  I joined and am active on Facebook so I can track up and comers and watch them develop.  My best "find" was Germany's Desiree Singh who I started watching a few years ago.  Last summer she won the World Youth Championships.  I'm also not stuck in the past on my music as you can see from my daily music selections.  I'm sure many of you don't classify some of it is music but when you have three sets, three lifts, three hills, etc. left in your day, my music choices drive me to the finish.  With all of that said, here is Grand Funk Railroad's, "Time Machine".  Enjoy!  Bubba

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  1. More good information for me to copy!!!!! I am sure glad that I have your experience to move me closer to my goals. Thanks Bubba! These daily postings are really fun for me!