Monday, January 9, 2012

More Change!!

I catch myself sometimes being impatient.  Part of this is not being settled in on what I will do in my garage  vs. the gym. The other part is not starting early enough to be able to take my time.  I went out to the garage at 6:30 this morning so I could slowly work through things.  I got in my first long stretch in also and it felt great.  This doesn't mean I'm settled in.  It just means I know why I was impatient.  It also explains why I have lapsed here and there on recording my weights lifted.

My body is somewhat beat up but feels to be recovering so that's a good sign.  Recovering from training time tells me where I am.  When I'm in peak form I can pretty much obliterate my body and still feel pretty good the next day.  That said, I can only take 2-3 weeks of that type of training consistently before I need a one rotation break.  I'll be glad when I get there.  Hope it happens before Reno but we will see.  Thanks so much for being here!  Bubba

Here is my guitar teacher, Rusty Cooley doing a video lesson.  Some great vaulters are not good vault coaches.  Rusty is a fantastic teacher and consistently ranked among the top 10 :Shredders" in the world -

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  1. I punished my body yesterday with weights. Today the Physical Therapist punished my calf! I wanted to scream but only sweated a ton. After some heat, Deep muscle stim, and Ice, I feel much better. I think a total submersion in the hot tub with jets is in order for tomorrow. Oh! and maybe some 2 and 4 step jumping!