Monday, January 2, 2012

Flying High!! Not So Much Today!

My plans for today pretty much failed by choice.  I went to the gym and did one set of high bar swing ups and one set on the P-Bar Bubkas.  I felt my shoulder a little bit on the high bar and my elbow on the P-Bars so I bailed.  It could be because I vaulted on a big pole relative to my run length on Saturday and did these same bar drills yesterday.  Off to the track to do stadiums. 

Everything is wide open but my body felt like crap from the vaulting Saturday, and hard leg lifts + 8 X 100m yesterday, so I stopped.  I came home and had a business call and then went out the garage to get a feel for my new gym stuff.  It went well but the set up and feel for each exercise took longer than I expected so it was more of an orientation than a workout.  That too is probably for the best since my shoulder was flared a little on my last free weight lift day.  The shoulder rarely flares so that's not such a big deal as long as I watch it.

I feel good about where I am and where I'm going.  That's a good thing since I am off on a business trip for the next three days.  I'll do some strides and stretching on Wednesday and get a good vault session in either Friday or Saturday.

Other stuff - I've noticed that I'm getting tan, in California, in the winter.  In Texas I vault at 7 AM and the rest of the time try to stay out of the heat and sun.  Here it's comfortable and warm.  Love Texas but forgot how the weather is here.  Low 40s in the AM and 50 by 9 AM.  Cools down again in the evening.  Put it this way, few houses near the beach have air conditioning because it's not needed.  Feels strange but I will take it.

Reno is both the beginning and end of my season -  I knew it was a risk coming out here during the Christmas break but in the long and short run for business the timing was urgent.  After Reno I will immediately begin training for the 2013 World Championships in Brazil.  I will turn 60 just a few weeks from that and will be the youngest guy in my group.  I won the World Masters Games (Olympics) in Sydney, Australia in 2009, but I would like to also win the World Athletics Championships. "Athletics" is what the rest of the world calls track and field.

So what's the big deal that I need to stop this year and get going?  At our age, "reversibility" is so great.  That means with rest you lose what you gain very fast.  Even training regularly it's hard to move forward as age tries to take us backward.  To move up a level or two physically will require long term uninterrupted training.  If I keep taking a short break every time I have a meet or need to have a big vault session then I stunt my own progress. 

Right off the bat I will be lifting and doing bars four days, jumping two days, sprinting two days and running speed endurance two days.  All of this will begin at a low level and then progress slowly and with great caution and control.  I'm guessing I won't get off of 13' 1" (4m) poles for 2-3 months easily.  I need to get better technically as I physically inch forward.  Sounds crazy but I'm really pumped about this!!

Have a great evening and thank for your support.  Bubba
Alice Cooper's, "Poison" was my favorite today -

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