Friday, January 6, 2012

Whatever It Takes

Well I'm going out for a long but low level vault session in the morning.  Because of business travel I haven't done much this week but at least I didn't come back heavy.  Two weeks from today I jump at Reno.  Totally unaware of what to expect there.  I could jump well but I'm not in vault shape enough to jump real high.  We will see what happens. I'll go as big as I can within the range of not getting hurt.  I'll feel like I will know a little more tomorrow.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

Sublime's, "Santeria" -

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  1. Surely understand this wisdom of yours! You, my friend, are much further along than I. Taking it easy on an injury so close to competition is difficult, but the smartest thing for me at this point. I am feeling more confident each day by doing everything I can other than run. Lots of stretching, ab work, pull ups, squats, bench, and military presses. My weight is right where I want it, and have great support from you and now Gary also! Thanks for that, by the way! I need to go play with the smaller poles later next week to see what I can get from them. It will be lots of warming up for me from now on, even if it makes others look bad! :) Just kidding! Dan