Saturday, January 28, 2012

MORE Changes!!

Great workout this morning.  Took my time and got through everything I needed to and I liked the way it all felt and flowed.  I'm all set for regular training and then STOP ...

Simon Arkell emailed me and said they are running all vaulters off who do not compete for Saddleback College.  Last year Simon was the California Junior College Coach of the Year and now he may be opting out.  If you can't help all vaulters then what's the use? 

Needless to say we are working on our back up plan.  I think between two local high schools we will be set.  Dana Hills High School, near my house now has both pits out.  I should officially be a volunteer for them by the end of next week so that works for me. Hopefully we can also go to Mission Viejo High School.  There are always options but no one is happy when a school shuts you out.  When I left UC Irvine after 14 years to move to Texas they ran all outside vaulters out too. Oh well.  Their loss.  We get insurance through USA Track & Field to protect the schools so there is really no reason.

I'm bummed but not too bad.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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