Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes - It Rains in Southern California

Me & two time Olympian for Australia, Simon Arkell, watching the kids at Saddleback College.  I've known Simon since the early 90's.  He is tied for the left handed World Record at 19' 1/4" (5.80m).  YES, he rides that bike most of the practice.  Click to enlarge.

Yesterday when I was doing my bleacher/hill/ramps I had some big drops falling so I was concerned about the bleachers getting wet and me slipping.  I ain't that coordinated so I really have to be careful.  Fortunately the "bigger rains" held off but we are entering the rainy season they call "winter".  The high today will only reach 63 after a low of 49.  I mention this because the garage workouts don't need to be heated with a space heater and maybe I won't even need a fan. We will see.  I first moved to Southern California in 1978, and every time it rains I think of this song -

The biggest thing different about this week is the time devoted to stretching and just getting and keeping loose.  Though I have kept in touch with these activities I normally spend about 30-40 minutes a day on this.  On lift days I do stretches between sets and on non-lift days it is just a straight 30 minutes or so.  Part of being within "striking distance" is remaining loose so I can cover more ground with less effort.  BTW - that's why I hammered the bleacher hills yesterday; ONE week away from sleds, hills or bleachers and I find myself working too hard to cover ground on the runway even though I feel good.  I felt that way Saturday. That is an invitation to a hamstring ding.

Along those same lines, when we use DJ's "List" ( we put a rubber strip across the runway at the mid mark.  This makes you accelerate to the box.  If you run too fast too early, or run the middle 3rd of the run too fast, you won't be able to get to the box.  When we have a meet we clearly don't use the rubber strip.  Get this - TWO practices without the strip and your run will move back in meaning that you are carrying less speed into the box.  I get this same result by running sleds and hills - COVER GROUND by running forward without excessive or wasted up and down motions.  Food for thought.

Speaking of thinking, surprisingly I'm not over thinking Reno.  I know exactly what pole I will start on, from what run and at what height.  Though I could use a bigger pole in warm up I will not unless my start pole becomes mush - a 70% chance. I just know it's going to be fun.  I dodged the injury devil on my way here.  THAT is cause for a sigh of relief. Now let me try to get out of the meet unhurt.  Have a great day and thanks for your support!  Bubba

Motley Crue again today, with "Shout at the Devil".  Another weird thing I do when I get through a hard prep phase before a big meet without getting hurt, I SHOUT at the (injury) devil and say - "You didn't get me this time!!!"

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