Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here Comes the Sun- Tuesday Post #2

FINALLY the sun peeked out and the breeze got a little cooler producing a nice baby tailwind.  After my business call I went out to meet Don for a mini vault session.  I knew I would feel like dog crap because I have been training so hard but I needed to know if my groin was actually getting better.  The goal was to hope to get at least where I got on Saturday before I stopped with a little pain.

WELL, I actually did get a little further and jumped 12' (3.66m) on two poles from 33' (10m) or 6 steps.  I DID feel like TOTAL crap but I jogged down and jumped easily on one pole bigger than Saturday.  The good news is that I stopped because I was tired and not because I was hurt.  SO, "Here Comes the Sun" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6tV11acSRk for me to be able to get back on track with vault sessions.

I will go to Kris' Sunday, start on a big 4m pole from 8 steps at 11' 6" (3.51m) and then move on to my 14' 1" (4.30m) poles.  Should be fun.  Of course I will be cautious but at least I'm getting to jump.  Have a great evening.  Bubba

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