Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!! Sort Of!

I got a new Android phone yesterday which required a Google account which became my "default" without my choice and therefore I could not get in to post on my own blog yesterday.  Sounds like a bad country song.  Today I was told how to get around this so I'm back!

This morning I was PISSED!!  I did my running and felt pretty good but still had a little weakness and deficit in my groin.  I'm out of town Monday/Tuesday so I figured if I don't jump until next Saturday then that will be four total weeks since Texas vs. Louisiana when I flared my groin again.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Yep!  NO!!

After all of my running and drills, I grabbed a tiny pole and took a few little jumps with no issue.  Grabbed a little bigger one, the one I normally start on, and it was OK but a little stiff because I wasn't trying to run hard.  Moved back to six steps did one take off and felt my groin AGAIN!!  I don't know if I'm hurt again or not but I'm pissed that this could happen after three weeks of great rehab.  The truth is I won't know until I go out next Saturday and try again.  If it is hurt I will know right away.  If it's not, I will be careful and know I have dodged a bullet.

All of my "groin self tests" for pain show negative but I'm still hurting when I make certain moves.  So what do I do now.  I BEAT THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I friend once told me that if it's important you do it every day and if you have a weak spot you go after it every day.  I will go run 10 X 50m hill/sleds tomorrow.  If I can only make 1% effort then next time I will hope for 2%, but NO MORE DAMN REST!!!!!!!!!!!  There is nothing more worthless or frustrating when you are hurt than rest.  Work that thing until it's better, no matter what the level needs to be.  I will also run Wednesday when I get back, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday until I am SO SICK of it, and then I will continue to do it.  I WILL get better AND be stronger when I return.  I don't care if I don't vault until Reno, I will be in tip top shape and ready to jump high.  I'm finished coddling my lazy ass!!

Speaking of Reno, I've been waiting to get my plane ticket because I didn't know if I was flying out of Houston or Southern California.  The problem was either place was like $328 or $342 so I kept watching.  I know that rates have been lower on Thursdays so I decided to take a look out of Orange County/John Wayne airport (as close to my new house as IAH) - $118 and I snatched that mutha up in a second. 

Momentum is changing.  I've been knocked down and now I getting back up and I'm pissed at my weak ass self.  This torture will be a defiant blast.  Have a great night and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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