Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Travel Day - Plans Unfolding

LATE ADD - Stormbringer by Deep Purple.  This was our hardcore workout song where we would say, "Bring on the storm"! -

My body feels pretty decent.  My groin thing is a lot better but probably still too soon to mess with it.  It's not really a groin in the traditional sense as it is more underneath but that is the general area.  I go to LA next Monday - Wednesday so if I wait until the following Saturday to vault.  That will be three full weeks of rest from jumping. That will give me about three weeks of jumping before Kris' meet on 12/3 and six weeks total rehab.  Good enough.
My plans are working out good for California.  I've made contact with the local high school coach through a friend and he was very nice and inviting.  Yes I can have access to their track, bleachers and vault areas.  He will get me a key to the stadium when I get to town.  I'll be vaulting with two time Olympian and long time friend, Simon Arkell and he too has offered me a key. I typically train alone so I can take my time and jump when I'm ready instead of waiting for a long line of kids.  I'm sure there will be a great blend of that in both places.  Maybe I'm on the runway 30 minutes before the kids show up.  By the time they are on the runaway I'm done.

We're leaving on the drive around lunch on 12/14 and will arrive on the afternoon of 12/16, and move in the morning of 12/17.  I will only miss one rotation of training.  AMAZING! 

Have a great day and thanks for your support!  Bubba

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