Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You

If you don't have dreams then you have nothing to come true!!

After a month I'm settled into my final hard training complete workout plan and I LOVE it.  Since I gave away my garage gym to Don I have switched up a lot of things and I'm really pleased that I am settled in for a long grind.  As much as I bitch about my schedule and sporadic travel, when I get to California that will settle down and my training will feel like a welcome home present.

I hate missing days where I post here but sometimes on the road I have bad connections or just flat and no time or energy.  I'll try and do better as I go.  But to you all, thank you so much for being here for me.  It's a great refuge and comfort to know that you are here.  I love going to meets and seeing friends and meeting new ones who tell me they read this blog.  Couldn't tell it by the 18 followers but I feel you in spirit.  At least once a meet, and once a month by email someone tells me that this blog was their motivation to start vaulting again.  That brings me great joy and makes me want to be better for you.  So thank you!!

A special tribute to you - Joe Cocker in his famous Woodstock performance - "A Little Help From My Friends" -  Bubba

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